Working Conditions for Expats in Dubai

Many people are moving to the UAE in search of a better job opportunity. They see more money in Dubai, as the salaries are income tax-free and it is a big relief for the expats. Before the foreigners in the UAE start working there, they should be aware of the terms and conditions at work. In order to have a complete detail about the job market, the expats can contact labour lawyers in dubai who can explain them the working conditions.

Moreover, if you have come to Dubai for the job, then you must read the employment contract in detail. It is important that you must understand the contract prior to the employment. Sometimes, you find the person will find it an easy labour contract, but when he starts working, the list of complaints is building. At that time the employee cannot leave the job if he is on a fixed employment contract.

Secondly, as an employee in the Dubai, you should know about your rights. The UAE labour laws are there to protect the rights of the employees, though. However, some managers use their authority in an illegal manner and exploit the labour as much they can. As an employee, you must not neglect your rights and stand up against the employer, if you know that you are right in your stance.

It is always good to hire the labour lawyers in dubai whenever you feel harassed, discriminated or exploited in any other way at work. You should know when your gratuity is legal and how it is calculated. You can always ask an employment lawyer to help you in calculating your gratuity at the end of the job.

Also, you should know that it is the employer’s job to provide you the work permit and work visa once he has hired you. And when he has terminated you, then he must provide the ticket to go back to your home country. If nothing like that happens, then you are also causing a violation of the labour laws of the UAE.