Labour Lawyers in Dubai

Nowadays, jobs are not secured. In many cases, the employers fire the employee in a day. There could be a reason for the termination, but then some employers don’t even bother to give a reason to the workers when they fire them. However, the unlawful dismissal can be determined in some scenarios with the help of the wrongful termination lawyers. It is totally unethical if a worker is terminated from the job because he belongs to another race.

There are employment laws to help the employers and the employees so that they a healthy relationship should be maintained. If any labour law is violated by any party, the legal action can be taken against it. The companies provide a manual to their employees in which the policies and rules of the company are written. The procedure to make complaints, employment rights and resignation policies are written clearly in the handbook.

There could be reasons when the unlawful dismissal takes place. A lot of discrimination factors come in the workplace over gender, salary, race and more. It is such a stressful event where you are fired one day on your favorite position.

Sometimes, the employer might do something illegal, and if the employee takes action against the employer, then the company owner can terminate the worker from the job.

Sometimes, defamation takes place in the offices. The employee might be defamed by the employer on purpose and then he is terminated from the job immediately. The employee can then seek assistance from the Labour Lawyers in Dubai and make the case stronger by collecting the evidence.

Another reason of termination from the job could be if the terms and condition mentioned in the employment contract are breached by any party, or it could be a wrongful termination when the employee is dismissed from the job before the time written in the employment contract.

Therefore, the companies should be treating their employees well so that the wrongful termination does not become habitual in professionalism.

Coping Up with Wrongful Dismissal

If you think that you should be given one more chance in the workplace or you were terminated wrongfully from the job, then you should talk to the labor lawyers, who are capable of handling such cases. These lawyers help you in getting compensation from the company and fight for your termination, too.

There are many reasons on which the employer may terminate the employee without giving the reason. But, according to the labour law, the employer has to provide a reason for termination.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to prove your statement. You have to tell the lawyer that you were terminated from the job in an unlawful manner. You will need many pieces of evidence regarding the wrongful termination.

However, the employers don’t realize that a fixed contract has a limited time, and before that time, the employee cannot be terminated from the job without any solid reason. The employment contract plays a vital role in the sustainability of the labour force.

You need to fill the loopholes that are making your case weaker. You have to determine the reason that how is job termination wrongful or it was done unlawfully by your employer. It is important that you discuss the case with an expert labour lawyer who has handled wrongful termination cases before your case.

The wrongful termination lawyers also tell you that what type of cooperation they require from you. They might ask for the documents that you signed for the job. Such documents include employment contract, salary information, and company policies.

The situation is under controlled when you hire an experienced labour lawyer. If it is proven that you have been terminated from the job unlawfully, then the company will give you some compensation. However, the company does not want to go to the court, and so it is better if you accept the compensation as court trials will take time.

It is your choice if you want to go with the court proceedings and maybe you want to go back to your job, someday.