Tips to resolve workplace conflicts in Dubai

United Arab Emirates, is having one of the best and biggest business market, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and therefore the labour laws are strictly implemented which is a need indeed. The labour & employment lawyers in dubai, need to take the labour dispute in their hands if the case will go to court and solve all those issues as soon as possible, but if they are hired by the Clients e.g. Common people or established business enterprises. Labour & Employment Lawyers resolve the labour issues, becasue they are at home in Labour Law UAE. The Labour Authorities work on the labour issues if they are given the proof of employee and employer relationship. The Ministry of Labour is also there to solve all types of manpower issues. Labour issues are registered in the Labour Department of Ministry for LLC companies, or the department of the labour dispute of the Free zone for free zone companies. The workers who have jobs in the government sector must submit their case to the Ruler Office to get the NOC for further procedure. These attorneys do not come in as long the meeting between the employer and the employment settles the dispute. Sometimes, the cases are resolved out of court, but then, the labour lawyers are consulted when the case is taken to the court because now the case needs the specialized person to handle it. The attorneys are also consulted by the people when they are looking for the job scope in that country. Some employees are insecure in their jobs, and so they need the assistance of lawyers in dubai. In that scenario, you must hire a specialized lawyer who can solve your Labour issue at work and maintain a healthy relationship between you and the employer. The employment lawyers in dubai need to take the labour dispute in their hands if the case will go to court and solve all those issues as soon as possible.

The labor lawyers are also there to help the employees and employers on various labour disputes, and other segments of the employment, such as; drafting an employment contract, unfair termination etc.

In some places, the wrongful termination of the job is also done to the employees. In such a scenario, the employment level cannot do much, but at least he can get you the best compensation from the job. The employment lawyers in Dubai understand the problems of an employee, and so, they tend to work for the workers more than the employer’s issues. The UAE Labour Law is really strict when it comes to the issue of overtime. If an employee is working for more than 48 hours a week in one week, he is doing overtime. And his overtime shall be paid, fairly. If the employer is not paying overtime, he must be reported to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, where, he will be convicted for his crime or pay the fine. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by the employer, you must consult the employment lawyers in dubai by top Law Firms in Dubai.