Dubai Lawyers, Criminal Law and Labour Law

Dubai Lawyers, and Criminal Law:

Once in a lifetime or even twice or thrice, an individual gets stuck in any criminal charges against him. It doesn’t make him a criminal. The individual makes land in hot waters due to negligence or any other reasons. Criminal charges are a serious allegation on any honorable and respected individual and thus need to be clarified. Proving oneself innocent is a daunting task altogether. This may require the services of a professional criminal lawyer to clear the false allegations against him/her.

Lawyers in Dubai are specialized in dealing with cases related to this domain. They may cover fraud, domestic violence crimes. Theft, burglary, embezzlement, violent crimes, sex crimes, drug-related crimes, and the list goes on. The scope of practice for criminal lawyers in Dubai is wider than just a trial, bargains, probation, or hearings. Criminal Lawyers will ensure that the rights of their clients are fully protected and he also represents his client in the courtroom. The criminal attorney will interview the entire witnesses involved in the case. He also takes up the charge to research the statute covering the legal matter. He will in-depth analyze the case law, crime codes in Dubai, and then on its basis, he builds up the defense.

He takes the charge to develop a solid strategy in this regard so that the case smoothly proceeds. During the trials, a Dubai lawyer will advocate for the defendant. They will argue motions to dismiss or suppress them. They also argue against the appeals made in all the motions. Furthermore, the lawyer will take on filing the appeals in advance on behalf of their client. If negotiations are possible, they also take up the plea bargains to lesser charges and thus, try to defend their client as much as possible.  

Dubai Lawyers, and Labour Law:

Dubai Lawyers and the Labour Law UAE, both are connected with each other because UAE Labour Law is required for the companies and common persons at most. Second Labour Cases, Business Cases and Debt Recoveries are the hot talks of the town. Therefore the Labour and Employment Advocates or Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai are in huge demand. If we study these in the recent context then we come to know that UAE Labour Law has been launched with revision therefore, these Advocates and Legal Consultants are again required so all could understand about the revised UAE Labour Law. Few important points are:

  • Just 3 years Fixed Contract
  • New Gratuity Calculation
  • No Need of separate or new document about Non-Competition
  • Same three courts
  • Al Adheed Centers more involvement
  • and many more